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Make your own Shooting Board with this Wood Play Kit


A Shooting Board is the must have piece of equipment for every workshop. Use your Shooting Board to trim and square ends and shoot fine edges. With a sharp hand plane, a good shooting board will increase the efficiency and accuracy of your work more than any other piece of equipment. This Wood Play Shooting Board Kit includes everything you need to build your very own professional quality Shooting Board.


What's in the kit


  • 1 x 25mm MDF base plate
  • 1 x 9mm Birch Plywood top plate
  • 1 x pre-drilled US Oak fence
  • 1 x pre-drilled MDF cleat
  • Fixing screws
  • Assembly instructions


Features & Benefits


  • All parts pre-cut saving you time and the hassle of cutting down sheet material
  • Generous 300 x 730mm overall dimensions
  • Plenty of length to keep your plane running straight
  • Made with 25mm thick MDF base for weight and stability
  • Birch plywood top looks cool and is hard wearing 
  • Pre-drilled cleats for fence and bench hook made from durable hardwood
  • Rabbet pre-machined into Birch plywood to prevent plane cutting the shooting board
  • May be assembled to suit either left and right-handed makers


Please note: The Shooting Board kit does not include adhesive, polishing or the hand plane pictured.



Wood Play Shooting Board Kit

SKU: 364215375135191
GST Included
  • This Wood Play Shooting Board Kit allows you to make a professional quality shooting board easily and economically. This kit is perfect for anyone wanting to make and use a Shooting Board to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their woodworking.

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