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Relief Wood Carving with Olivia O’Connor


8.00am to 12.00noon
Sunday September 1, 2024
The Wood Play Studio
Level 2, 69 Charles Street 
Coburg 3058

Ever felt the need to carve wood? Want to make your mark? Then check out this Relief Wood Carving workshop led by Olivia O’Connor where participants hand carve their own wooden panel from a choice of designs. 


What is Relief Wood Carving?


Relief wood carving involves removing wood from a flat wood panel, so an object appears to rise out of the surface. Relief carving is a flexible technique that allows you to create a broad range of images, objects and textures.


What happens in the workshop?


This creative experience takes you through the whole process of creating your very own relief carving. Guided by Olivia, you start by developing the design of either a Koi Fish or Gum Leaves. Then you will carve and shape your piece using a variety of woodcarving gouges. You can take your relief carving home to contemplate and impress your family and friends.


If you have done Olivia’s Relief Carving workshop before, we invite you to bring your own design. To ensure your design is possible within the parameters of the workshop, please email John at to discuss. Your design must not include letters or numbers.


How long is the workshop?


Relief wood carving with Olivia O’Connor starts at 8.00am Sunday September 1 and concludes at 12noon, a total of 4 hours. There is a maximum of 6 people in the workshop so you are assured to receive all the support you may need. You can work at your own pace throughout the workshop, refreshments are provided.


Do I need tools or equipment?


All tools and materials are supplied. Wood Play Studio recommends all participants wear sturdy shoes and clothes suitable for woodworking. Participants in this workshop must be 18 years of age and well enough to stand for several hours at a time lifting 2kg with each arm. 


Who is Olivia O’Connor


Olivia is an award-winning artist and woodcarver who specialises in handmade rocking horses and rocking horse restoration. Olivia is an experienced instructor who is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping you develop your craft skills.


Who is this workshop for?


Whether you're a beginner who wants to get into woodcarving, or an experienced maker looking to explore a new technique, this workshop is for you! With the group you will explore the materials, tools, and safety precautions necessary for relief carving. You will also meet like-minded creative people and no doubt you will have some fun. Book your bench space today.


Tickets on sale now


Join Olivia for this interesting and rewarding relief wood carving workshop. Where you can tap into your artistic potential and experience the satisfaction of transforming a simple piece of wood into an original work of art. Get your ticket now to secure your bench space and embark on an exciting creative adventure!

Relief Wood Carving with Olivia O’Connor - September 1

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  • Check out this Relief Wood Carving workshop led by Olivia O’Connor where participants hand carve their own wooden panel from a choice of designs.

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